Golden Pantry...Golden Opportunity

Golden Pantry Food Stores, Inc


Welcome to Golden Pantry Food Stores!  We know you have a lot to get done, the traffic is not cooperating, and the kids are restless.  Sounds like the perfect time to treat yourself to a fresh cup of Redstone Coffee.  Relax for a moment, take your time, and enjoy that dark rich brew while you browse our site.  There’s a lot to see, free stuff to get, and maybe a coupon for $500 in free gas is waiting for you to claim.

That’s right! $500 in free gas!  Could be yours on your next visit—you just never know.

Golden Pantry has been serving our customers in northeast Georgia since we opened our first store in Athens in 1965.  We now have 45 Golden Pantry locations.  Not too big.  Not too small.  Just right.

2006 brings a new marketing program called Gold Plus Rewards.  GPR is our way of saying “thank you” to all our customers who have shopped with us over the years.

It is really cool!  Store purchases and fuel purchases earn points that lead to free products and prizes for Gold Plus Rewards members.  A little tag on your key ring is all you need.

We have tons of new members, and many prizes have been claimed.  Our regular customers know a good deal when they see it—they know that before Gold Plus Rewards, they bought stuff — and now with Gold Plus Rewards, they buy stuff and get rewarded!

“What’s the catch?”  many ask.  “This is too good not to have a catch!” Well, you know there is a catch.  Everyone has a choice of where to get the things they want, and we hope you will think of us when you want to get it!  That’s the catch!  Are you a member yet?

Store 34 in Watkinsville

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